TASC Adult Volunteer Orientation
This form is to sign up for a TASC New Adult Volunteer Orientation. All new volunteers must complete the volunteer orientation before volunteering.
**Teen volunteers (between ages 13-20) need to contact the TASC office at 479-636-8272 to schedule an appointment or visit teenaction.volunteerhub.com if you are already signed up!**
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What areas of volunteer service interest you?
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Which New Volunteer Orientation are you interested in?
October will be the last 2020 new volunteer orientation. All orientations will be available via Zoom, as well as potentially in person.
All volunteers are expected to keep track of the hours they spend volunteering and report them to TASC monthly. I understand that I will be required to turn in self-reported hours monthly. *
You will receive an email at the end of the month to self-report. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. We will also offer alternative methods of turning in hours, if this is not your preferred method.
All volunteers must complete a volunteer application. I understand that depending on the volunteer position, I may have to complete a background check. *
TASC pays the fees for the background check for new volunteers.
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