We have 3 areas to mow at Graceland. Each area takes 2-3 hours, depending upon conditions. Our goal is to mow each area every two weeks. But we don't care when you mow, as long as it's not during worship!

Area 1 - CIRCLE DRIVE - Inside the circle of the dirt driveway
Area 2 - NEW BUILDING - The field that is extra parking next to the new building
Area 3 - AROUND THE TRAILER - Includes the area around the trailer, inside the fence along the driveway, and outside the front fence between fence and street

We suggest you wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, a hat, eye protection, and ear protection.

If you are willing to ride the mower at GraceLand for 2-3 hours, please fill out the following form. It won't take long.
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