Motion Analysis
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Motion Analysis

Thursday, 28 October, 2021
6 pm CET, 60 minutes
Debaters, Coaches and Judges
Beginners and Mid-Level
30 slots

In this workshop debaters will learn how to analyze debate motions, and explore how teams can be guided with questions about the formulation/wording of the motion , burdens of side proposition and side opposition or framework of the debate. Framework refers to a way in which the strategy of the debate for both sides is positioned within the motion. Key issues should be given the context of the motion and what needs to be proved to win a debate. Lastly, debaters will learn how to analyse types of motion implications: TH considers XY, TH would introduce / legalize /ban..., TH would do something like X, X does more harm than good, TH regrets / prefers, X better / worse than Y....
Gabrijela Martić, Croatia, is an active member of the Council of methodology in Croatian debate society since 2016, and has a ton of national and international debate, coaching and judging experience, including Prague Debate Spring, WHO, Argo, and Macau and Zagreb WSDC.
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