Spring 2020 Kickstarter Creators-in-Residence Application
Whether you’re a first-time creator building your community or a repeat creator looking to fulfill your rewards, our Creators-in-Residence program can give you the time and space to move your project forward.

Started in 2017, our Creators-in-Residence program invites NYC-based creators in the process of planning, launching, or fulfilling Kickstarter campaigns to join us at our HQ in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a three-month residency.

While in residence, creators are paired with a staff mentor who specializes in their area of interest. Residents from every discipline meet regularly, and are encouraged to share learnings and collaborate. Residents are also welcome to use Kickstarter’s beautiful and inspiring HQ to host workshops, talks, and performances, that help them build a direct relationship with their audiences.

The Spring 2020 session will run from Tuesday, April 7, through Friday, July 3.

Apply for the upcoming season by Friday February 28. Email creators@kickstarter.com with any questions.
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