We want YOU on Yahoo Finance!
Yahoo Finance presents an exciting opportunity for you to be featured on a new, multi-episodic franchise.

We are looking for people in their 20s and 30s to share their unique and interesting stories about struggling to keep a budget, manage money, debt, and making ends meet.

We are interested in connecting with people who want to make changes to their financial life and seek help from financial experts.

Candidates will be selected based on their personal stories, and their ability to creatively capture them with self-shot cell phone videos.

Please fill out the form below. If you are selected, you might be hearing from us soon!


• Women and men of any ethnicity

• Must be at least 21 with a valid U.S. drivers license 

• No prior felony convictions

• Must know in advance that your employer will allow you to participate

Information provided in this questionnaire will be used by Yahoo to evaluate your candidacy for the "Fix My Finances" series. In the event that you are chosen to appear on "Fix My Finances", the terms of any additional documents or releases signed by you will also apply to the information provided herein. The terms of Yahoo's privacy policy will apply to all information provided by you herein

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