Fob Request Form
PTRC operate a key pad and fob entrance system.

During ‘core hours’ the club can be accessed by a code which will be provided by your relevant squad captain following your acceptance as a member of PTRC. Please ask a committee member for ‘core hour’ times.

Should you wish to train outside of ‘core hours’ you must apply for a fob which will provide access. You must only apply for a fob if you have a specific need to train outside ‘core hours’.

To obtain a fob you must complete this form. You may only be issued with a fob when the General Committee that manages the Club has considered and accepted your application. The General Committee meet once a month.

A deposit of £20 is required in exchange for a fob. You will be asked to pay your deposit by PayPal at the end of the form.

Committee do not generally approve fobs if you have not been a member of the club for less than 3 months.
If you have a compelling reason to request a fob before 3 months of membership, please complete the form but do not pay the deposit by PayPal.

Data Protection Information

This form is hosted by GSuite and the data is held by Google.
PTRC will collect from Google, process and hold the data you submit for the purposes of maintaining the club security system and membership records.
When you leave the club, we will retain a copy of this form for one year whilst you continue to hold a fob.
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