CMRLL - Manager / Coach Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be a CMRLL manager/coach. Volunteer managers/coaches are at the heart of creating a successful Little League program. The success of our program can only happen with the many great volunteers dedicated to working with and mentoring the children/young adults in our community!

Little League is a leadership program that uses baseball as a tool towards that goal. You are the example and your players will learn from you and the example you set. We need to teach all children at their given levels and give them an experience that is memorable, and that teaches not only baseball, but also life lessons. Each division has a different level of skill and emphasis on competition and we always need to be mindful of that.

Little League International and CRMLL recognize and appreciate the challenges that come with being a Little League manager or coach. As such, Little League International has developed a free on-line coaching resource that Little League managers and coaches can turn to for reference, education, or to stay current with the latest drills and coaching techniques.

The Little League Coach Resource Center,, was created by Little League International in cooperation with Cramer Digital Marketing and Event Solutions to provide educational resources and materials to Little League volunteers, in an effort to help maintain and grow the program.

The Center provides training in all aspects of successful coaching, including:

- Planning a season
- Involving parents
- Teaching skills
- Planning a practice
- Safety and fitness
- Managing on game day

CMRLL will also be providing “hands-on” coaching clinics throughout the spring season, facilitated by our sponsors/partners. As a CMRLL manager or coach, you will receive coaching clinic details directly via email. Please make every effort to participate in these valuable clinics.

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