The Coalition for LGBTQ+ Students wants you to tell us what the "SAFE & INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENTS FOR LGBTQ+ STUDENTS" policy would mean to YOU!
The AACPS Board of Education is considering the adoption of official policies pertaining to LGBTQ+ students ("SAFE AND INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENTS FOR LGBTQ+ STUDENTS" >> Draft policy link included at bottom of form). The aim of these policies is to ensure our schools are safer, more inclusive, and have better resources to meet the needs of all LGBTQ+ students. Current considerations include meaningful professional development and training for teachers and staff at all schools, the establishment of LGBTQ+ inclusive clubs/organizations to support students, as well as the application and extension of the current trans-inclusive guidelines to all LGBTQ+ students.

Our coalition has decided to ask the Anne Arundel community what this proposed policy change would mean to them personally--and you can let us know using a video, audio, visual, or written message through this google form! We plan on taking the responses and assembling them into a compelling message which we intend to share with key stakeholders to make our community support KNOWN during this pivotal 30-day public commentary period in advance of the upcoming board vote.  Accordingly, we respectfully request any current or former AACPS LGBTQ+ student, family member, ally, or employee use this google form to share with us what these proposed policy changes would mean to them.

*Remember that submitting a piece of media here IS NOT THE SAME as officially providing testimony directly to the AACPS Board of Education for one of their reader meetings.

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*A note about previous access issues with the form. Google forms require a google sign-in if the form includes a "file upload" option. This is what was initially causing issues for many folks who didn't have a google account and correspondingly couldn't access the form. Accordingly, to make this process accessible to everyone, The Coalition for LGBTQ+ Students has removed the file upload option and instead is requesting that ALL FILES BE SENT DIRECTLY TO: (please send by 5/28/21)
The Coalition for LGBTQ+ Students would like you to respond to the following prompt: WHAT WOULD THESE PROPOSED POLICY CHANGES MEAN TO YOU? (or, "What would these proposed policy changes HAVE MEANT TO YOU?" if you're looking back on your experiences with AACPS).  You can respond to this prompt in whichever format feels the most comfortable, appropriate, expressive, and/or authentic for you by SENDING a video, audio, written, or visual/photographic file to the following email address:                                  (please send by 5/28/21)
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In any media that is compiled and shared by the Coalition for LGBTQ+ Students, I want my identity to be:  (*if you choose "other," please outline for us what specifically you consent to us sharing about you) *
*We can't guarantee anonymity if someone reveals in their private submission that they are thinking of harming themselves or others. In this event, we will do what we can to connect them to the appropriate resources & supports ASAP.  That being said, if you are thinking about suicide and in need of immediate support, please call the TrevorLifeline at 1-866-488-7386 or select TrevorChat below to connect with a counselor.
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