Vasaslaget 2018 Registration
This is the registration for the HEMA event Vasaslaget taking place at Gamlishallen, Gamla Uppsala 16-18th of March 2018. The base price for the event will be 300 SEK, with additional fees for participating in tournaments (350 SEK for each). Accommodation can unfortunately not be arranged by Vasaslaget or Uppsala historiska fäktskola. After filling in the form you will be contacted with information about how to pay the registration fee. You do not count as registered before the registration fee is received. You must be over 18 years of age to participate in the tournaments. You participate in the event and the tournaments at your own risk. Svenska HEMA-förbundet will have a medical record storing injuries (that need medical intervention) occuring during the competitions and also medical conditions that could affect medical care (such as concussions, allergies to medicines, diabetes etc.) present before the competitions. By registering to the competitions you agree to storing that data according to Swedish law (personuppgiftslagen). If you are training in a Swedish club you also need a valid competitions license (tävlingskort) from Svenska budo & kampsportsförbundet ( Failure to show a valid license will result in disqualification from all competitions with no refund. Vasaslaget or Uppsala historiska fäktskola cannot be held responsible for injuries during the event.
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Next of kin (in case of accident)
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Allergies or other medical conditions that are relevant to know about in general or for competitions
Examples: Prior concussions, diabetes, nut allergy, food intolerances. Only conditions that are relevant for medical care will be stored in the central database and only if you are competing.
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Do you want to participate in sparring, tournaments or workshops? *
If not participating in any of the above there will be no costs for attending the event. If you do not want to work as tournament staff you do not need to register at all.
I can be tournament staff:
We will need help to organize the tournaments. You cannot work as staff in a tournament you are participating in. If helping running the tournaments you will get a 100 SEK refund (per tournament). The refund will be made on site after it is confirmed that you can work as staff. There is no guarantee that you will be selected as tournament staff, e.g., if there is enough staff for the tournaments that you can assist in. Select what you can help with. (The referee is the person with a stick responsible for the fencing procedure during a bout, judges are signalling hits and the secretariat is registering the score and keeping time and also putting arm bands on fencers to mark their colours.)
I would work as tournament staff in the following tournaments
This is about assisting in running the tournaments - participating in them will be covered in a separate question.
If you are competing do you agree that your name, picture and video might be published on the Internet and also that injuries, and previous medical conditions, will be stored in a central database? (Read about the personal data act at )
If you do not agree to this you cannot participate in the tournaments since they might be filmed and since we are required to keep a database of injuries.
Have you reached the quarter finals (or top 8 placement) in an men or open men/women longsword competition the past three years (from the 17th of March 2018)? (Required if competing in longsword.)
This includes, but is not limited to, Swordfish 2015-2017, Vasaslaget 2016-2017 and all applicable NHFL competitions after 17th of March 2015. If the competition had fewer than 20 participants you may answer no to this question - you will still be allowed to participate in the longsword competition (if you wish to). Like last year we have decided that women's competitions will not be taken into account in order to increase the possible diversity of fencers for women to encounter.
Tournament participation
Participating in the tournaments will cost 350 SEK. Weapons (and bucklers for the sword & buckler tournament) are provided for all tournaments. We need to restrict the tournaments to 36 participants in the longsword competition and 18 participants in sword & buckler and rapier competitions and will divide the places based on specified priorities and date on registration payment. If multiple tournaments are given the same priority we will decide. You may only participate in longsword if you have not reached quarter finals in a large (men or men/women) longsword competition the past three years.
Highest priority
Lowest priority
No participation
Sword and buckler
Competitions license number
If you want to compete and is training in a Swedish club specify your competitions license number. The license will still be checked before the competition. It is your responsibility to bring a valid license.
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