Tooiebird's Badge Order Form
Please fill out this form if you are interested in commissioning a badge from me (tooiebird). I am always open for badge commissions, however the conventions I am attending have a pre-order option and will be at a discounted price. The discounted price with be given on the invoice.

All required areas must be filled out properly, or your request will be ignored. If I need any additional info, I will send an e-mail with any questions or concerns. Once your commission is approved I will send you a PayPay invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: Badge prices are more expensive at conventions. Pre-ordering a badge is a great way to get a discounted badge and be able to pick it up at the beginning of the convention.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at
Paypal E-mail Address *
I will be sending a paypal invoice to this e-mail address once the commission request has been approved.
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E-mail Address
If different from paypal e-mail. This will be to contact you if needed.
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Your username or alias you go by on twitter/tumblr/furaffiny/deviantart/etc, wherever you would prefer to be linked to.
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Badge Type *
Name on badge *
The name of the character or alias you want on the badge. Please double check spelling.
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Colored Lineart ( head/bust badges only)
Character Description *
Links to references of the character you want drawn. *Additional fee may apply if a reference image is not provided.
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Commission Details *
Please include any ideas you have for a pose, expression, props, theme, clothes, etc... (happy is the default expression if you don't pick something else) *Additional fee may apply for complex props or wings
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Anything else?
Any additional information or questions you may have.
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Have you commissioned me before?
Shipping / Pick up
Please provide your address for mailing. Shipping is an additional +$5. Badges for conventions I am attending will be available to pick up in the Dealer's Den at my table (under 'tooiebird' in the con book) If you would like to provide a phone number or telegram name, please feel free to do so, so I can contact you if you would like a reminder. If you do not pick up your badge at the con, a shipping fee will be billed to your paypal.
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What convention are you commissioning the badge for? Is this a pre-order?
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