Syllabus Quiz
Read the syllabus and then do the following quiz. It is an open syllabus quiz, but closed friend, so please don't share answers!
Name *
Class period, Grade/Element
Late work is accepted, but how much % does your grade drop per day that a project is late?
Are QUIZ corrections accepted *
1 point
When are Ms. T's student hours? What if I can't go? *
When do TEST corrections need to be made? *
Select all that would count for an exhibition report? *
1 point
Select all that could count for "Participation Points"
2 points
1 point
For quizzes or in-class activities, how long do you have from the day you were absent to make up the activity?
1 point
How many art exhibition reports will you submit this year?
1 point
If you are submitting project corrections, late work, or an exhibition report, when does Ms. T need it by?
1 point
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