Fall 2020 & Spring 2021
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Selecting any one of these dorms does not guarantee you will be granted permission to live in your desired area. The housing staff will have final determination as to where students will be placed based on availability. Click here for housing options https://connorsstate.edu/campuslife/housing/options/
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Requests are in no way guaranteed; if space is available, it will be on a "first come, first serve" basis.
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Potential Students Convicted of a Felony or Suspended/Expelled From an Institution *
The Office of Admissions forwards applications for housing to the Dean of Students when potential students have been convicted of a felony or suspended from an institution.These potential students require a clearance for further admission consideration and must provide additional information and official documentation explaining the final disposition of the proceedings as requested by the Dean of Students and Administration before being admitted to the school or approved for housing. Connors State College upholds disciplinary suspension and expulsions issued by other institutions. The final decision regarding admission rests with the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
Pets *
Animals are not permitted in student or family housing. Service animals and emotional support animals are eligible for housing only after all necessary ADA paperwork is completed. Pets and animals that fail to have the necessary paperwork on file will be removed.Connors State College staff are not responsible for any costs associated with the removal of pets lacking the necessary paperwork.
Housing Application Fee *
A housing application fee of $55.00 (for single students) or $125.00 (for single W-Dependent/s or Married) is required. This is a one time, non-refundable fee. Payment can be made either in person at the Bursar Office or by mailing a check to the Bursar Office at 700 College Rd. Warner, OK 74469.
Meal Plan *
All students who live in the Quads in Millers Crossing, McClarren Hall or the Honors dorms must have a meal plan in addition to their room rental. Students will select their meal plan choice upon checking in for semester move-in. Meal plan charges are separate from dorm room charges.
Housing Agreement *
The acceptance of this application does not ensure an accommodation. An accommodation is reserved only upon execution of the agreement by all parties and the submission of all required documents to the housing office with the appropriate level of approval. Prices are subject to change. If you fail to answer any question, or if you have given false information: (1) We are entitled to reject this application; (2) We will retain application fees as liquidated damages for time spent and expenses; (3) We will terminate any right to lease the bedroom; and (4) If you have signed a lease, it will be a violation of the lease. By submitting this application, I attest that the information contained herein is correct. The management is authorized to verify all submitted information for the purpose of evaluating this lease application.
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