Patriotic Millionaires Federal Candidate Questionnaire
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Did your opponent vote for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1)? *
In your opinion, which of the following statements best describes the TCJA? *
Do you believe that people who make money off their investments should pay half the tax rate of people who bring home a paycheck from an actual job? *
Do you believe that giving $1.9 trillion of the nation's money to billionaires and corporations will help grow the middle class? *
Do you believe that the children of millionaires and billionaires should be able to inherit $22.4 million completely tax free while Americans who work for a living pay up to 37% in taxes on what they earn from an actual job? *
Do you believe the American tax code should provide a financial incentive to corporations to move jobs outside the US? *
Do you believe that people who work at private equity firms are so essential to the nation's economic health that they should only be required to pay half the tax rate of everybody else? *
Have you pledged to reject corporate PAC contributions? *
Have you pledged not to work as a corporate lobbyist when you leave elected office? *
Do you support substantial reform in our campaign finance system, including overturning Citizens United, significantly increasing transparency, and supporting small-donor financed elections? *
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