2019 Every Teacher a Leader Summit Application
The Summit will be held on June 25th at 12 pm - June 26th at 12 pm.
Helpful Tips & Guidelines
Use the guidelines below to guide you in writing a successful and complete application prior to hitting "Submit".
Participant Requirements
In order to attend the summit, participants must:

* have an actionable teacher leadership idea.

* invited participants will have limited time to develop a team of up to 5 total members (including you) to attend. A team consists of 3 - 5 people.

* have at least one practicing classroom educator for your team.

* commit to taking implementation steps following Summit participation.

* attend the ENTIRE Summit from start to finish.

* pay for travel expenses (i.e., mileage and gas).

Identify a Team Lead
Any team applying MUST identify a Team Lead. The Team Lead must complete the application on behalf of the team and commit to attending the entire Summit.

Additionally, the Team Lead is responsible for:

* communicating information to the team regarding the Summit and any resulting work.

* completing reports as requested by the Summit organizers.

* participating in the development and implementation of the proposed plan.

Requirements and Suggestions for Application Ideas
Summit applications must demonstrate the following:

* allow teachers to lead from the classroom.

* identify an area of need or target a specific problem.

* develop and implement approaches that address the need or solve the problem.

* utilize teachers' professional experiences and expertise.

* promote collaborative work among multiple stakeholders.

* seek to create systemic supports for teacher leadership.

* be viable in the local context and sustainable over time.

* be able to show measurable progress over time.

Summit applications may demonstrate the following:

* focus on any level of change (e.g., school, district, region, or state)

* a project that is currently functioning at any stage of development (e.g., an emerging idea requiring input and buy-in from stakeholders; something currently being developed in collaboration with recruited stakeholders; or something that has been implemented which is ripe for improvement or expansion)

Idea Plan Examples
Use the following link to look at examples of project plans from past Every Teacher a Leader Summits.


Review Application Questions & Draft Responses
The questions asked in this application can be downloaded as a Google doc prior to application completion. The doc may be used to draft your responses in advance, then copy and paste the answers back into this application. Emailed or shared doc submissions will not be accepted.


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