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FLL Registration Details:
2018 FIRST LEGO League Membership Fee is $130 per child.

This fee covers your child's registration fees, team shirt, and showcase activities.

Additional fees may occur, such as field trip costs, additional family team shirts, post-season celebrations, etc.

If your family is experiencing a financial hardship, please contact Dr. Sanders for scholarship information by May 18. Your privacy will be respected.

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Schedule Requirements - Important - Please Read:
FIRST LEGO League is a time intensive program. We work hard while having fun!

FLL teams are required to attend two 1.5 hr meetings each week, starting in September and concluding in December/January (depending on when the state championship is hosted this year). Some teams may elect to meet over the summer to prepare for the season.

Applicants must be able to attend BOTH meeting days each week in order to register.

Teams are small so each student has a great impact on the success of the team.

Just as a sports team would require, we expect our students to make FIRST LEGO League a priority during the challenge season.

Please click all time/day slots that your student is able to attend. A responsible adult must accompany your student to each meeting. Your child must be able to attend both days. (M/W or T/Th)
Mondays AND Wednesdays
Tuesdays AND Thursdays
Some teams may meet casually or semi-regularly over the summer, especially near the challenge launch on August 1. Summer is a good time to build the mission models and do some team-building. Please identify your interest in summer activities.
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If your child has an FLL sibling, let us know if you have any of the following preferences:
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Important - Code of Conduct
Farmington STEAM Academy Robotics strives to provide each of our community members with a positive FLL experience. We require each of our stakeholders (student, parents, coach/mentors) to agree to a role-specific Code of Conduct.

Please refer to our website for each code of conduct before submitting this application - a signed copy will be required to be placed on a team.

I understand the code of conduct policy. *
Team Placement Policy
Due to the considerable volunteer needs of this large program, children are placed on teams based on their family's volunteer level. All FSA Robotics families are required to volunteer at some capacity.

Students will be placed on teams in the order of:
1. Coaches & Program Admin
2. Mentors
3. Program Supporters

If we do not have enough coaches to form teams, we will contact our mentor and program supporters to consider upgrading to a coach. Otherwise, remaining #2 and #3 level families will be placed on a waiting list until we find enough coaches. We encourage all parents that can commit to coaching apply to the position to ensure placement.

Each FLL team will require at least 2 coaches and 2 mentors to be considered a team. This means that our coaches have fellow parents to help support them at each meeting.

We require all of our coaches to attend a training workshop. Check our website for details on dates and times of workshops. Registration is required to attend.

I understand the team placement policy. *
Check your email inbox after May 18 for team announcements.
Your program admins are working hard to streamline team placements - help us by keeping in touch!

If your child is placed on a team, be sure to respond to your email promptly so you do not risk your child being placed on a waiting list - there will be a deadline listed on your email.

We ask that each family confirm their placement promptly. Once we receive your confirmation, you will need to send your payment and signed forms in within 7 days. Your email will contain instructions on how to do so.

Please note, once payment is received the fee is non-refundable unless we're able to find someone to replace your child.

All waiting list families will receive an email by June 1 with their status.

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By doing so, our program admins can form teams more efficiently and your child's application can be processed faster.
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