Dream Valley Frenchies Puppy Application
If you are interested in joining our waitlist for future litters from Dream Valley Frenchies or you have picked out an available puppy from our website, please fill out this puppy inquiry form as a way of introducing yourself to us, giving us information about you we will contact you within 24 hrs or less. This form also explains what kind of homes we choose to place our puppies in because these pups are very special animals and need special attention.

Our first priority is that our puppies live full and happy lives in a home with people who love them, feed them well, and will keep them for their entire life span. We try our best to place puppies only in the most loving and responsible of homes and this inquiry form helps us in that process. Our puppies will always come back to us if they need to be re-homed or to homes that we have approved who are willing to sign and honor our puppy care contract.

Puppies placed as pet puppies cost less, will be spayed or neutered and are placed with limited registration. A limited registration only limits the dog from conformation events and breeding though we strongly encourage obedience training for all of our dogs. Frenchies are a companion breed and are happiest when they have a job to do with/for their owners like laying on your lap, sitting by your feet, or laying in your bed. Training them to do something requires a home that takes time to discipline, time to love and socialize as well. If you do not want them to chew or destroy your house time has to be invested in the first 2 weeks of bringing them home.

We will get back to you within 24-48 hours after reviewing your application. If approved, we will move forward with our adoption process.

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