SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION: Danni Pomplun Spring 2017 Teacher Training
We're glad you'd like to join us for teacher training. Please take a moment to fill out the questions below. See you on the mat.
Application Process
STEP 1: Submit a Community Service Project Proposal

The ideal project involve bringing yoga to underserved communities including, but not limited to: children, prisoners, terminally ill, PTSD sufferers, minorities, and public servants. You might offer a community yoga classes at your local church or temple, you might donate your time at an elder care facility or work with cancer patients in hospitals. We are open to any and all ideas that use yoga in service of your local community.

Minimum project commitment: 10-20 service hours
Location: any (ideally your local community)
Project start/end date: must complete your project before the course

STEP 2: I will Review Your Application

I are very open to any idea that integrates yoga and service, so I will review your application with that simple objective. If I feel like this is a worthwhile project, based on the time commitment (on your part), the scope of the project, and the funds available, you’ll be awarded a tuition scholarship pending the successful completion of your project.

STEP 3: You Complete Your Project

If your project was to teach a 3-week course to at-risk teens, step 3 would be to successfully complete (and document) your work. If possible, I’d love to see photos and video documentation as you go to inspire other students to serve in their communities as well.

STEP 4: You Get Funded!

When your project has been completed successfully, you’ll then receive the agreed upon service scholarship ranging from $500-2,600. The average scholarship today is right around $1,000 but it varies from project to project what is awarded.

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