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Want to read the second volume of the Rizkaland Legends for free? Here's your chance! Please note that I'm looking for DETAILED feedback on the book, whether it be in the form of a commentary on the document itself, or as a two-page essay of everything you liked/didn't like. I really don't care the form of your feedback, just as long as you give me as much as you can, and it's as detailed as it can be. I'm doing this so I know how to make the book better, not just so you can get an early read.

Also, I'll be sending it out in parts. Part 1 is available now. Receiving subsequent parts is reliant on (1) how quickly you send me back part 1, (2) how quickly I have the subsequent parts ready, and (3) how helpful I find your feedback on part 1.

The deadline for any and all feedback will be mid-August.

That said, fill out this form and eagerly await a document in your inbox. I will be sending out part 1 to anyone who asks for it PROVIDED that they have reviewed Water Princess, Fire Prince.

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Provide a link to your review of Water Princess, Fire Prince, so that I know you've read the first book.
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