Support the Establishment of Latinx Studies and Asian American Studies Departments at Northwestern
Condensed Proposal
The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan de Northwestern (MEChA de NU) propose that the Latina/Latino Studies and Asian American Studies programs be granted departmental status within the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University.

Whereas we currently have a Latina/Latino Studies Program and Asian American Studies Program, departmental status would allow them to fulfill their roles in the university and contribute more centrally to their academic fields at large. These programs currently do not have the adequate funding, hiring power, office space, resources, or personnel to staff ever-growing fields that are only increasing both in scope and relevance. The academic fields of Latinx Studies and Asian American Studies are no longer novelties; they represent the cutting edge of critical ethnic studies, which is not only growing in relevance, but also in scholarship and research.

Northwestern has the potential to become a flagship institution for critical Latinx and Asian American Studies in the Midwest, given the profiles of the programs’ faculty and students, both at Northwestern and upon graduation. Currently the West Coast, particularly California, is the primary site of critical ethnic studies scholarship. Northwestern has already received great praise in the Midwest and East Coast for its recent institution of an Asian American Studies major. The Latina/Latino Studies Program has begun to grow and create important scholars in the field who began in the undergraduate program. Northwestern has the resources and capability to produce great scholars, contribute more forcefully to national areas of research and become public intellectuals, thereby joining the ranks of other top-tier research universities.

In our proposal, we explain the need to establish two new departments at Northwestern identified as the Latinx Studies Department and the Asian American Studies Department. In addition we have included a proposed timeline for implementation.

Read the full proposal here:

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