Student Elective Application and Fellowship Application
This application for students interested in participating in a short (2-4 week) elective rotation with BMGC. Note - we will not provide additional paperwork to your program, however we are happy to sign off and fill out evaluation forms as required. Please double check the requirements of your individual programs prior to applying. This will count as a nonclinical elective for all students. We recommend writing this up as a Student Initiated Elective (or your program's equivalent).

Student tasks will include:
Communication: Students will be expected to write several pieces (with research) for our page - number will depend on length of elective. These can also be submitted for op-eds

Policy: reading through proposed regulation/legislation determining which fit our concerns. Write up drafts of comments/letters to be sent from our organization and members. This will include reading legislation, doing background research, writing, and working with staff.

Grant Writing: Find grants/contracts that we can apply for and doing background research and initial proposal writing.

Workforce/Networking: Help build our network by reaching out to more programs/finding programs and people to help build interprofessional collaboration.

In turn we will be overjoyed to feature your past research and your profile! We also hope to build YOUR professional networks and serve as mentors for your growth, and help you network with other professionals in the field. As we are a newer organization interns and students will be essential for our growth and you will be treated as a member of the team. We hope to see your ideas and input turn into reality and action for BMGC!
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