Catcott Primary School Governors' CPD Record
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important responsibility of the Governing Board. It reinforces a growth mindset and develops the habit of ongoing learning, in order that as a board we are honing our skills to safeguard our children and help them become life long learners and global citizens.

Please complete the sections below whenever you complete a piece of CPD whether directly connected to the school or your wider life/roles because it all contributes to the richness of knowledge, experience and expertise that we bring to the school and can apply.

You can consider the following things as relevant, and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Training Courses / Conferences / Books & articles read / Networking events / eLearning modules / Management & Leadership Development at work

Please complete one entry per CPD Activity. E.g If you read a book AND went to a conference, please submit them as 2 separate submissions. When you type into the following headings below and then click submit at the bottom - this will be automatically stored on a central database that will form part of our ongoing Training & Development Record.

For further information please contact Luke Thomas, Catcott Primary Training Governor on 07747 020805 or

Thank you

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ACT - Provide details of the activity you completed, including the number of hours you devoted to it *
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OUTCOME - Provide a short summary of your key learnings, reflections & impact you believe this will have on your Governor work *
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