Komikon 2011 Volunteer Sign Up
By submitting your information, you acknowledge that this does not guarantee that you will become a volunteer, and that if accepted to become volunteer, that you will agree and follow all the instructions and requirements of the Komikon Committee. Deadline for sending your emails is on November 9, 2011. All accepted volunteers will be notified before Nov. 11, 12 noon. They are required to attend the General Meeting on Nov. 12, 2011 from 9am - 12 nn at Bayanihan Center and must submit a 1x1 ID picture for the Volunteer ID.


*DEADLINE OF SIGNING UP IS EXTENDED UP TO 12 NOON, Nov 11. Accepted volunteers will be notified before Nov 11, 6PM.
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1.1 Ticket Seller
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1.3/1.4 Exit
1.5 Information Booth
1.6 Registration Booth
1.7 Roaming/Errands
2.8 Komikon Booth Selling Assistant
2.9 Laptop and Projector Controller
2.10 Stage & Program Assistant
2.11 KomikoNOOK Assistant
2.12 Komikalye & Freedom Wall Assistant
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