CSHP Student Mentorship Program
This program is designed to increase student awareness of the many aspects of hospital pharmacy practice including the roles of the pharmacist, the pharmacy technician, the medication distribution system, clinical pharmacists, clinical researchers, and pharmacy administrators. This will be achieved by pairing up pharmacy students and mentors during an initial meeting at the beginning of the academic year. After the matching process, both mentor and the student can schedule subsequent hospital visitations based on their own agenda. Importantly, there should be a job shadowing session where the student can be exposed to the daily activities of the pharmacist. These sessions should not be onerous on the pharmacist mentor, who should be able to complete his or her scheduled activities while paired up with the student. These sessions will last from one day to a week per year, depending on the availability of the mentor and student. The focus of the hospital visitation will be tailored towards activities that meet the goals of the students at their point in the program.

If you have further questions or concerns please email cshpstudentcoordinator@gmail.com

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