2019 PA Historic Preservation Awards
Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards are a celebration of excellence that began in 1979. Presented annually by Preservation Pennsylvania, the awards recognize significant contributions in the field of historic preservation made by both individuals and organizations. Use this form to submit a person or project for consideration.

The 2019 Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards will be presented concurrent with the Statewide Conference on Heritage. The event will take place in the afternoon of June 19 at Wilson College in Chambersburg.

Questions? Contact Melonie Babich mbabich@preservationpa.org or 717-234-2310 x4

* Five-year window: Projects nominated for awards must have been substantially completed between June 1, 2014 and January 31, 2019.
* National Register eligibility is not a requirement for submission.
* All work must demonstrate good preservation practices.
* Homeowner, municipal, and historic district infill projects are welcomed.
* Properties owned and/or maintained by Preservation Pennsylvania are not eligible.

This form cannot be saved, though you may edit it and will receive a copy. To review the information you'll need, or if you prefer to download the award categories, nomination form and instructions, visit our website preservationpa.org

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Please indicate the category under which you're submitting this nomination. Please note: Initiative, Construction and Special Focus Award Applications are evaluated by a committee of peers in the fields of architecture, archaeology, and historic preservation. Based on their knowledge and experience, the committee may consider projects not formally nominated. The committee may also move applications between categories as appropriate. There is no requirement or presumption that there will be an award given in each of the listed categories; additionally some categories may include more than one awarded project.
Construction Award
Award recipients will be notified in writing in advance of the awards ceremony, which will take place at Wilson College in Chambersburg on the afternoon of June 19, 2019.

All applicants will be notified by email regardless of the decision.

Melonie Babich, Advocacy & Development Assistant
(717) 234-2310 x4

All applications must be received by April 10, 2019

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Please provide information about the nominated project: Current name of project, historical name of building, address, city, zip code and (County)
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