CAAAV‘s #CancelRent Fund & RSVP to Virtual Karaoke Battle 2020
It's been quite a year and we want to do some critically important fundraising with you for CAAAV's #CancelRent Fund through our annual Karaoke Battle fundraiser. CAAAV has been organizing working-class Asian immigrant tenants for over 15 years. Now is the moment to leverage all the power that we’ve built over the last decade and a half. Crises create openings to win big material and cultural change. Things are possible today that weren’t possible even one month ago. We have been fighting for a #HomesGuarantee for years. Now that millions of renters across the US are at risk of losing their housing, there is an opening to win safe, healthy and guaranteed homes for all of us – to win housing as a human right.

COVID-19 is an economic crisis as much as it is a health crisis. Public housing was left to decay so developers could swoop in and privatize public homes, which has now left CAAAV members in apartments without repairs, without consistent heat and without adequate cleaning, even in this pandemic. Gentrification has forced members to live in overcrowded conditions in Chinatown, cramming multiple people into small apartments with no possibility for social distancing. Many of CAAAV’s members are undocumented and don’t qualify for stimulus checks or any form of relief. A large number of members are workers over the age of 60 who must choose to work despite the dire health risks or lose their jobs without the possibility of unemployment benefits.

Due to COVID-19, we will hold the Karaoke Battle event on Zoom on May 20th! Our theme this year is "The Revolution Starts at Home!" and this resonates more than ever - our communities have been fighting for housing justice for years and the crisis has further increased the urgency of this fight. We will fundraise for the #CancelRent Fund in the next few weeks. Will you stand with working-class Asian immigrants and donate to CAAAV’s #CancelRent Fund?

If you want to join us in this fight, support us in this fundraiser by creating a GoFundMe Fundraising Page and fundraising individually or with a team of friends, family, and colleagues OR donate here:

Before May 20th, you and/or your team have an opportunity to sing to your favorite revolutionary song via Zoom (practicing social distancing) and record your performance, which we will post on our Facebook page and supporters can vote and donate to your page.

WHAT: CAAAV's Virtual Karaoke Event 2020

WHEN: Wednesday, MAY 20, 2020 from 7-9pm
Via Zoom: information will be provided

WHERE: Via Zoom: information will be provided

SUGGESTED DONATION: $20 on GoFundMeCharity main fundraising page or your friend's GoFundMeCharity page!

THEME: The Revolution Starts at Home!

GoFundMe Charity Main Fundraising Page to DONATE :

Click JOIN here to create your/your team's fundraising page:

Facebook Event Page:

As Always:

**We welcome any and all costumes that speak out revolution, home, and fighting for social justice.**
**Everyone is welcome to come join us during the night of the virtual event and enjoy great music and community bonding**
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CAAAV's #CancelRent Fund: The Revolution Starts at Home
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