One Voice Te Reo Kotahi Interest Registry
Kia ora.
If you are an NGO with an interest in the rebuilding of Greater Christchurch, One Voice Te Reo Kotahi stands by you. We are a recently convened Forum that anticipates future work towards the rebuild and will be promoting the voices within the sector and referring to the expertise those voices can provide. We have submitted to CCC and are currently beginning to engage with CERA. In whatever comes next, we want to make sure your voice is heard. If you wish to be included in our informational emails, or if you are interested in helping us amplify the voices from the sector, please add your email in the side bar of the website.

Who we are
We are ‘One Voice Te Reo Kotahi’, speaking from the sector allowing the voices of organisations that have not been formed by Government or Commerce to be heard. We stand for all parts of the sector, as tangata whenua and tangata Tiriti, providing expertise and experience of and in the sector.

How we function
By consulting with groups and collating responses from them, we provide two-way communication between the NGO sector and government, and commerce – a brokerage role. We support and promote the contribution of organisations in the sector.
We advise and inform decision makers of the issues. We are working alongside CanCERN in its vital role with local residents’ groups, bringing in the specialist city-wide NGOs (many with national dimensions).

Interpretation of Te Reo Kotahi
One Voice is simply the waka on which the NGO sector with its many faces (nga matatini) carries community expectations and truths with integrity.

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