Membership - LiU iGEM
If you wish to be a member in the organization of LiU iGEM for the calendar year of 2021 the following form have to be filled out and submitted. Every year the membership needs to be renewed to stay as a member of the organization.

By filling out this formula you have accepted that the board of LiU iGEM can store the data you provided in this formula.

Once submitted you will receive a response receipt at your stated mail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate contact us at
Email address *
Full name *
City *
Year of birth *
Sex *
Telephone number *
I agree that Unga Forskare will store my personal data given above in their database (eBase) until 31 December 2021. *
I agree that LiU iGEM will store my personal data given above until 31 December 2021. *
If "No" membership of the LiU iGEM organization cannot be acquired.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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