2021 #SETACkissUK Registration Form
#SETACkissUK is a SETAC UK event organised by the SETAC UK Student council.
Please submit your registration form by 14-September-2021, 23:59 GMT+1 (London time).

All information regarding the 2021 #SETACkissUK competition can be found at the website: https://www.setacuk.com/setackissuk

The event takes place from 00:01 - 23:59 GMT+1 (London time) on 15-September-2021.

On the day of the event (September 15th), please Tweet your graphic using #SETACkissUK and tagging @SETAC_Branch_UK.

Please note, if you register you will only be contacted via email with information specific to the 2021 #SETACkissUK contest.
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For further details or any additional information regarding the competition and eligibility, please visit https://www.setacuk.com/setackissuk or contact setacukbranch@gmail.com or tweet @SETAC_BRANCH_UK.
What is your full name?
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Are you a SETAC UK Member?
What stage of your career are you in?
Which tripartite representative do you work/study under?
Where do you work/study?
Who is your supervisor/line manager?
Working title of MSc, MRes or PhD research? Or, area of work/expertise within industry or government? (Please limit to 1 sentence)
Is it OK if we were to contact you with additional information about the #SETACkissUK competition? Please note, we will only contact you with details regarding the #SETACkissUK competition. Your information will be removed upon completion of the competition.
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If yes, please provide your email below:
Do you wish to enter the #SETACkissUK competition for the free registration the SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting in Copenhagen 2022 (#SETACCopenhagen)?
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If you have indicated that you want to enter the #SETACkissUK competition,  please explain how you think attending the SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting in Copenhagen will enhance your scientific career? (MAX 250 words).
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