Public Cloud Adopter Intake Form
The questions below are designed to guide a conversation about a specific application development project, in order to highlight risk based on the critical success factors for delivery. Alignment does not guarantee success but significantly reduces the risk of failure.

The second page is where you share with us the key people we will need to work with when we reach out at various points of the journey to public cloud.

The third page captures a record of your criteria for selecting a Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

The last page is to enable your Expense Authority to approve your estimated spend on public cloud resources through to end of fiscal year. You'll be invoiced quarterly for resources consumed + 10% Brokering Service fee from Shared Services Canada.

Please do not provide any third party or personal information in your responses as this information may be stored on servers located outside of Canada. Participation in the use of Google Forms is voluntary.
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Ministry name *
Division Name *
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Team Name *
Application/Product/Project Name *
Please enter a unique name for your application, product or project - this name will be used throughout communication with you to refer to your focus.  The BC Gov public cloud model requires each product to have its own discrete cloud space.  This is done because teams often transition work between themselves and other teams, as well as the high likelihood of reorg activities in the organization within the lifetime of the product.
Application/Product/Project Purpose *
Business Outcomes *
What is the business objective of the project? Can the ministry team specify 1 to 4 outcomes that the project will achieve?    Each outcome to be stated as: increase, decrease or sustain something that is responsive to the verified need of one or more specific target groups.             To protect your own privacy and the privacy of third parties, please do not include any personal information about yourself or others in these fields.
Cloud Services Required
What are the key public cloud services required? eg: Serverless, containers, managed service databases... Or let us know if you don't know yet and are wanting to sign up for Proof of Concept activities.
GitHub Repositories
Please provide links to all GitHub repos you'll be using to manage your code, high level documentation and diagrams:
Target Production Date
When do you need the application to be live in production?
Current requirements for pathfinding in public cloud
Please check all that apply
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