ALA Alabama Girls State Legislation Form
Please use this form to submit your ideas for legislation for the 76th Session of ALA Alabama Girls State. We will use the info you provide to correctly format your legislation.
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FULL TITLE: The full title of the bill that goes here is usually a long title that simply explains what the bill will do.
SHORT TITLE: The short title is a simple, easy to remember title that you can use to refer to the bill.
TERMS/DEFINITIONS: Some terms in your bill may need to be defined. If you want to ensure that your bill is interpreted to mean what you want it to mean, you will want to define terms that could be defined or interpreted multiple different ways.
OVERVIEW OF THE PROPOSAL: This is where you say what the bill is going to do.
FUNDING: If your bill requires money, you will want to state how much money will be spent and from where the money will come.
PENALTIES: Will there be penalties? If there are, what will they be? Prison time? Fines? Some other penalty?
EFFECTIVE DATE: This is when the bill will take effect if it becomes a law. It may be a certain amount of time (90 days, 180 days, 3 years, etc.) or a specific date (January 1, 2020).
ADDITIONAL PERTINENT INFORMATION: You may not need to use all the sections or you may need more sections. If you need to remove or add a section, you can do that and then number the rest of the sections accordingly. There is no maximum to how many sections a bill may have.
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