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Believe you can ex-change the world for the better with Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Bityard?
Join the Bityard, become our star trader, and get rewarded for your efforts when you introduce your world to Bityard, the world’s leading digital currency contract trading platform.

Contract copy trader's rights
Traders are divided into two levels: Ordinary traders and Star traders, and they enjoy 8% and 10% of copy trade profit.

Conditions of Contract Copy Trader
Ordinary traders need to complete KYC authentication, and the cumulative recharge amount is greater or equal to 500USDT
Star traders will be promoted based on the effectiveness of ordinary traders. Please keep an eye on our announcement for further recruitment news
Note: For more details of trader application, please contact online customer service

Top Traffic Support
Bityard will regularly select celebrity traders to conduct marketing promotion, including but not limited to social AMA, head media market announcements, exclusive posters, official social media push and other promotional activities, to provide full traffic support.
*Bityard owns the final interpretation right of this recruitment

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