Leveraging Student Evaluations and Feedback to Enhance Teaching and Learning
At the end of every semester, students provide valuable course feedback, offering insights into their learning experiences and measuring teaching effectiveness. While being assessed by students might feel unsettling, this workshop aims to empower you to utilize students' feedback effectively. Join us for an engaging session that unlocks the potential of student input, enhancing teaching and amplifying student learning. This workshop will explore strategies that convert feedback into actionable insights, refine teaching approaches, and foster continuous improvement. Through interactive activities, participants will elevate their teaching prowess and cultivate an environment where student voices drive meaningful educational advancements. Enroll now for a transformative journey toward impactful teaching and empowered learning environments. This workshop is open to all Vanderbilt Faculty, Graduate Instructors, and Staff.

Facilitator: Ransford Pinto, Assistant Director
When: Thursday, February 8th
Time: 2:30 - 3:30 pm
Where: Center for Teaching Classroom, 1114 19th Ave South, 3rd Floor

Questions? Please contact Ransford Pinto at ransford.pinto@vanderbilt.edu or Juliet Traub at juliet.g.traub@vanderbilt.edu

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