PUMBC YYAWD Ministry ACT Preparation Class for 4/17/2021 Test Date Registration Form
Information requested is needed for registration into the ACT Preparation Class Sessions to start from 06 Mar 2021(Saturday) to 10 Apr 2021(Saturday) at 10 am - 12Noon for Test Date on 4/17/2021. The cutoff/deadline date to register for these ACT Prep Class sessions is 26 Feb 2021. If you have any questions and concerns regarding the ACT Prep classes and any activity hosted by this ministry, please contact Brother Alfred and/or Sister Marcia Mathews via email at: mathewsm2@mathewsdesign.com and at the ministry email address at: yyawd@pumbchurch.org
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17. If you had the opportunity, would you be interested in and committed to attending a FREE six-week ACT Tutoring class?
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