Freedom Kitchen Culinary Expressions                  Spring 2023
All classes are pre-recorded and can be done entirely Virtual, with weekly zoom support. In-person classes available in Oxford and Rochester, spaces are limited. The pre-recorded classes make it easier for them to watch, rewatch, and even cook along with me in their kitchen at home.

A Virtual Live Class, via Zoom, is offered weekly for all students, whether they are Virtual or just have to miss class that week. 

In person classes are Monday in Rochester and Wednesday in Oxford.
In-person classes will have a $98 material fee paid by the parent if the student is not full time OVA.
Grocery list and detailed information will be provided via email.

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Thank you for your interest in this program! This class combines cooking and health with entirely healthy options, teaching the kids how to be responsible for themselves.
At Freedom Kitchen they learn to have courage, confidence and creativity in the kitchen.  
The secret to happiness is freedom and the secret to freedom is courage ~ Thucydides
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Lisa Jendza may use your email or cell phone to reach you about classes, or any change in classes.  Your information will not be shared outside of this program.

To reach me:
Lisa Jendza email or 248-690-6180
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Below are the class options for Spring 2023.  All in-person classes are Wednesdays in Oxford and Mondays in Rochester and are limited to 10 students  per class. Rochester classes may be combined depending on enrollment.

The virtual program is great for the whole family.  All of the classes are videotaped and can be done entirely at home.
The feedback from other families has been very positive, stating that virtual was great because they were learning the lessons, too, and could get other siblings involved.  

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