#BucketBrigade Volunteer Sign-Up
If you'd like to join the #BucketBrigade fill out this form and we'll get in touch!
Thanks again for your interest- together we show how resilient C-U really is!
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Do you own an insured vehicle and are you willing to use it do deliver donations in Champaign-Urbana? (we have developed a volunteer system where people can drive up to CMF/Red Herring, grab donations from the parking lot, and drop off food to doorsteps. The only thing volunteers touch are sanitized donations)
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Delivery shifts are currently 3-5pm on Wednesday and Fridays, but in considering volunteer availability this could be subject to change, does this time-frame work for you?
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If you would like to volunteer, but can't drive, we can consider training a small group of volunteers to sanitize and package food. Check the box if this is you:
Please leave any other notes, questions, or concerns here. Thanks for your interest in volunteering! We'll be emailing you soon with more information. Go #Bucketbrigade!
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