2021 Project A-Players Application Form
Please complete and submit your application by noon 15 October 2021 (Friday).
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Name (First name, Family name in CAPITAL letters). *
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To be a successful applicant, you are expected to demonstrate your motivation and commitment to join the Project A-Players. This includes an understanding of why you believe the program is beneficial to you and the curiosity and desire to learn how to lead an effective and fulfilling career and life. What attracts you to this program and how do you think you can get the most out of it? (100 words max.) *
Please share the challenges you might face in committing to the 6-month Project A-Players program and how you will tackle them. (50 words max). The minimum commitment is 12 hours over a 6-month period that includes group coaching and 3 individual coaching sessions. *
Prepare a 1-minute YouTube video to introduce yourself and share an achievement, project, activity or experience that best represents you. (Optional). Please insert the link to the You Tube video below.
If you are selected for Project A-players 2021, please confirm if you can join the Meet-the-Coaches Workshop on 6 November 2021 (10 - 1130 am). *
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