A Place to Stay : An Archive by Fellow Rockers
If you're looking at this form it's because you've opened up your home to touring bands before. As most bands and fans know, finding a place to stay on tour can be pretty tricky and even sometimes scary. This will hopefully serve touring bands, big and small, as an archive for safe and comfortable places to stay.

After you fill out this form, you'll be contacted with a follow-up on any of the information provided if there are questions.

Please Note:
Vaccination & COVID-Testing questions have been added

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this out. Woohoo music!

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*** This form at the moment is only for residents in the US & CANADA ***
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Please answer the following questions about your home!
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Do you live in an apartment/complex?
Do you live in a standard family house?
Are there people who live with you?
Are there pets in the home?
Have you had bands in your home before?
If you have hosted bands over at your home before, please list them:
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Will you require proof of vax from the band?
Will you require COVID tests from the band?
Do you have any mask requirements? (If yes, elaborate below)
Use the space below to elaborate on any of your answers above!

For instance, if you answered "1-2 Beds" you can say that both beds are queen-sized and can fit 2 people, if you answered "Yes" to living with people you can say that you live with 2 roommates or that you live with a parent, or if the pets in your home are cats or parakeets, etc.

Also please use the space below for any specifics like preferring to only host non-male bands, if you only feel comfortable housing near your age, etc. Just want all parties involved as comfortable as possible!

Any information that might seem helpful in any way!
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