Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #02
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Allegans contraria non est ______.”
Hint: One who contradicts himself is not to be heard.
1 point
“Aqua currit et debet ______.”
Hint: Water flows and should be allowed to flow. No one can have any right of property in a running stream, but only a right to use it ; and this must be so exercised as not to interfere with other persons possessing similar rights.
1 point
“Ambiguitas verborum latens ______ suppletur; nam quod ex facto oritur ambiguum verificatione facti tollitur.”
Hint: A hidden ambiguity of the words may be interpreted by evidence ; for an ambiguity which arises from an extrinsic fact may be removed by proof of such fact.
1 point
“Agentes et ______ pari poena plectentur”
Hint: Acting and consenting parties are liable to the same punishment.
1 point
“Ambiguitas verborum patens nulla ______ excluditur.”
Hint: A patent ambiguity of the words cannot be removed by extrinsic evidence.
1 point
“Allegans suam ______ non est audiendus.”
Hint: A person boasting of his own wrong-doing is not to be heard.
1 point
“Alienatio rei praefertur juri ______.”
Hint: The law favours alienation rather than accumulation.
1 point
“______ curie.”
Hint: A friend to the Court, i.e., One who advises disinterestedly and spontaneously.
1 point
“Aqua ______ solo.”
Hint: Water passes with the soil.
1 point
“______ sequitur legem.”
Hint: Equity follows the law.
1 point
“Ambiguitas contra ______ est.”
Hint: An ambiguity is taken against the party using it.
1 point
“Auotori ______ onus probandi”
Hint: The onus of proof lies on the plaintiff.
1 point
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