SFLm Head Coach Application
To apply to become a Head Coach in SFLm, you must agree to, and understand, the following requirements. Head coaches will considered the highest ranking staff member for any SFLm team. They are required to submit playbooks each week by Thursday night at 11:59pm CT during the SFLm regular season. They are required to have understanding knowledge of how their players will will be built and how the SFL progression system and rookie draft will affect them. They will need to either be able to explain these things well to their players, or hire assistants who can. SFLm Head Coaches will be some of the first people to engage players in a competitive and understanding way and need to personify that role. Head Coaches will not maintain the roster for their team as the SFL League Office will be moving players in and out as they either sign with SFL teams or if their subscription lapses or is canceled. Players joining during the SFLm regular season will be added to teams as well if there is space at the desired position. The Head Coach's responsibilities lie in gameplanning and player engagement. The SFL Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner reserve the right to remove any SFLm staff member for any reason. If a Head Coach misses the playbook deadline 2 times, they will be removed from their position. If a Head Coach turns in a playbook with rules violations 3 times, they will be removed from their position. Do you agree to these requirements and expectations? *
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If so, what is your staff position and which team do you coach for? How many seasons of experience do you have coaching in the SFL?
Do you plan on applying for SFL ownership in the Season 16 expansion and the future? (This does not include the Season 15 expansion as that will be completed BEFORE the first SFLm season) *
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