MOBA games survey
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*MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games include Leage of Legends, DotA2, Heroes of the Storm, SMITE, Vainglory, etc.
For how long do you play MOBA games in a typical week.
Which aspects of MOBA games do you like the most?
Very important aspect for me
I like it
Indifferent about it
Don't like that aspect
Team play
Competitiveness, ranks and tournaments
Graphics and story
The multitude and variety of champions / heroes with interesting characters
Being part of a large community
Mastering the control of champions / heroes
Mastering the strategic elements and tactics of the game
Finding optimal item, stat and talent builds for the champions / heroes
How much time do you spend with MOBA games in a typical week, without playing them (e.g. Youtube, Twitch, reading articles or guides, etc.)
Why do you like following MOBA games and their communities ?
Very important aspect for me
I like it
Indifirent about it
Don't care about that aspect
Following Streamers in (Youtube, Twitch etc.) for entertainment
Following Streamers in (Youtube, Twitch etc.) to improve own playing skills
Following tournaments
Following other esport matches
Cheering for your favourite team
Following the personal life and progress of a star player
Following cosplayers
Cosplaying yourself
Visiting conventions and fairs
Reading articles about MOBAs and esports to stay informed / entertained
Reading articels and guides to improve own playing skills
Engaging with other members of the community through chats and forums
Funny memes and/or other user generated content
Are there any other aspects you like about playing or following MOBA games?
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To what extend are you interested in esports teams?
Name some of your favourite games that are not MOBA games.
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How do you enjoy games in general?
When do you play mobile games?
How much money do you spend on games per month?
For which things would you spend money in a free to play game (when you like the game)?
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