WGHS PTSO Mini-Grant 2019-2020
Mini-Grants are designed to provide support for classrooms, clubs, faculty, administration, student activities. The PTSO accepts proposals fo fund supplies, equipment, books or other needs (salaries/transportation costs excluded).
1. Must be a staff member in current standing (i.e. 2019-20 PTSO Membership) - please check before submitting proposal. Membership and proposal cannot be submitted at the same time.

2. If request is made for Mini-Grant on behalf of an entire Team, all staff members included in proposal must be current PTSO members (please see #1 above). There will be no exceptions.

3. If asked, staff member must be willing to present proposal at General PTSO meeting, before a vote of acceptance.
Deadlines to APPLY for 2019-2020
1. First Semester Mini-Grant: September 30, 2019

2. Second Semester Mini-Grant: January 24, 2019

A deadline for submittal of receipts will be given, pending acceptance. All receipts must be submitted on or before established deadline. There will be no exceptions.

Notification of acceptance/denial will be conducted via email.

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