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You must read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions, henceforth known as the Mobile Unit Contract, before proceeding. A copy of this contract can be exported at the end for your records.
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Mobile Unit Contract
The Mobile Unit Request form provides WCPR with details of events booked. You will be contacted after completing the form on the status of your event. Price estimate available upon request. All prices provided in this form are for estimation and guideline purposes only.

1. The organization booking WCPR assumes all financial responsibility for damage to equipment.

2. The booking organization understands that WCPR is to be paid for the labor involved with the event. Recognized Student Organizations shall not be held responsible for the costs of equipment excepting under special circumstances defined in this contract. All other booking parties may incur additional fees at the discretion of WCPR.

3. WCPR crew present will consist of at least 1 staff member, and 1 technical support member (if possible).

4. Equipment fees will be levied in the event that equipment requested is unneeded due to foreseeable causes or circumstances of miscommunication between the organization booking and WCPR and/or the group they booked. The organization booking will not be held responsible for excessive equipment that was not requested. The fees may also be levied for any additional equipment requested above as it adds to the set-up time for the event.

5. The overtime penalty will be levied after an event has transpired. Overtime is defined as time in excess of the agreed-on duration of an event (i.e. lasting 3 hours instead of 2), and does not count setup/breakdown. In the event that WCPR is told that an event starts at a time that is earlier or later than the time the event actually starts, WCPR reserves the right to charge overtime for those hours.

6. If WCPR is booked less than or equal to 72 hours before the event starts, then WCPR reserves the right to charge both late booking fees and to decline the booking.

7. Payment methods: For RSOs/Stevens organizations, payment must be rendered by Interdepartmental Transfer Form. For outside organizations, payment must be rendered in cash or check ONLY. If a check is used, it must be made out to Stevens Institute of Technology and sent to WCPR's mailbox (Box S-1461, 1 Castle Point Ter, Hoboken NJ 07030) within 1 week after the event. If the event is off of campus grounds, then appropriate fees will be applied (e.g. transportation fees). All transportation fees must be paid in cash.

8. For every on-campus event, the organization booking must supply an electrician from Physical Plant. An electrician may not be required only at WCPR’s discretion.

9. Please allow two weeks prior to the event date for the WCPR Staff to respond their availability. If the event is submitted within two weeks prior to the event date, allow the WCPR Staff one week after submission to respond their availability. WCPR reserves the right to decline any event at any point.

10. By endorsing this contract, the booking organization and WCPR agree to the above terms. This is a legally binding contract.

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