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In this 2-hour virtual workshop, participants will begin to examine their personal gender journey by responding to three short writing prompts and engaging in discussion with other participants. After doing this reflection, participants will create a gender map that showcases significant points from their gender journey throughout their life. The gender map is a visual representation of a timeline that can look a variety of different ways based on the participant's own creativity. Examples will be provided. The workshop will end with an optional opportunity for participants to share their maps.

Recommended materials: magazines, markers, paper or cardboard to create map on, your favorite craft materials. (Note: this could also be done digitally if you have art programs you're familiar with).

Zoom link will be sent by email. This workshop is capped at 20 participants. Must be 18+ and LGBTQIA+ (including questioning) to participate. Everyone benefits from examining their gender journey- trans and cis people alike, so all gender identities and expressions are welcome in this workshop. Please let me know if you have any questions. Pay what you can! Suggested is $15 - please direct all payment to :)
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