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The Media Geeks WANT to help you produce great videos to convey your message. In fact, we have staff and equipment dedicated to this very task.

We will prioritize projects based on need, desire, political sensitivity, bribes, voodoo and whatever other methods we deem necessary. Some projects will need a minimum of six weeks lead time from the time you contact us to the time we can complete the project - So don't wait until the last minute!

Please fill out this form completely so that we can get your project in our queue. Remember that this is a "Request". We'll contact you to get specific information and provide you with start and end dates. Your project is NOT on our list until we contact you and provide you with this information.

Students: We're sorry, but this service isn't available for class projects at this time.

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School or Department the video is for: *
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What is the date you are hoping to have this video completed? *
Name of people who have input on the project: *
Stakeholders and others working on the project with you that will have a say in the final product. The longer this list is, the longer your project will take!
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Name(s) of Final Approver(s) *
Usually this is you, and your supervisor. Sometimes it's someone else entirely. As a matter of process, most videos are also required to pass through Marketing (we'll take care of this step).
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Target Audience
Students? Faculty? Staff? Community? Average age of target audience? Anything you can tell us to help us focus in on the target audience.
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Focus / Purpose of the project: *
This is where you make the case for us to invest in your project. Be explicit and thorough, but don't get carried away. Usually a few paragraphs will cover it. Hint: student focused projects always float to the top.
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How long do you expect the final video to be? *
We strongly recommend any video be less than three minutes, but sometimes we'll let it slide to five. Most longer videos are just plain boring. If you have a lot to cover, tell us you want a "series" of shorter videos.
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How will the final video be viewed? *
Where will the video be filmed? *
Where should the video be filmed.
Only answer this if you have a specific location(s) that must be used.
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Do you have a script? *
We love scripts, but we'll work without one.
Name of the VP/Dean/Department head authorizing this project. *
Once the details of the project are determined, we will reach out to this person to confirm the project details, make sure they understand the costs to the college, and that the project is in line with college/school/department mission. Hey, someone has to be responsible, right?
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