Troop 265 Merit Badge College 2020 Registration
Merit Badge College is Jan 11 and Feb 1, 2020 at Downing Middle School from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

This is a great opportunity to earn up to three merit badges. Class sessions are for both Saturdays and many badges will require off site work (homework) and/or field trips in order to complete all requirements. Scouts may not sign up for more than two Eagle-required merit badges. Remember that attendance alone may not result in all requirements being completed. Scouts must participate and demonstrate they have met each requirement.

The cost per Scout is $23.00 which includes Merit Badge books and a patch. Everyone must pay $23.00, even if they only sign up for one or two Merit Badges. Registration will close on Nov 24th. Classes will fill on first-come, first-serve basis.

Scouts should bring sack lunches or the OA will be selling lunches and you can pre-order those below. Pre-order is optional.

To change your selection after submitting or any other any questions, contact Mr. White at
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Scouts may bring their own lunch or they can pre-order a lunch for one or both Saturdays. The cost will be billed to their Scout Account.

Lunches are $6.00 (2 hot dogs) or $7 (hamburger) per Saturday and include soda, chips and cookie. Hot dogs are all beef, no pork or chicken.
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Please list class choices in order of preference. (No.1 is the merit badge wanted most). Selections 4 & 5 will be used only if the first 3 choices are full. Maximum of 2 Eagle-required! Each scout will receive 3 merit badge classes. Minimum age requirements are in () to right of Merit Badge.

To see the requirements for a particular badge, go to Scoutmaster Kidwell will review all selections before final registration.
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