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Create a phone number that anybody can dial into and listen to a live event, such as a church service. This works well if you have elderly members who have trouble with computers and smart phones and want a simple way to tune into your message. Members who are traveling and unable to safely watch a video and those who have limited, or no internet access also will find this helpful.

** Option 1) Live Streaming
All you need is a computer either a Mac or PC. Most of the time, this can be the computer that you live video stream with.
- install Zoiper, a free SIP client
- have the desired audio input, probably from your sound board or local mic input. The best method to get audio into your computer from a sound board is with a USB Audio Interface. They range from $40 to $500 on Amazon depending on inputs and features if you don't already have one.
- internet connection for computer.
If you need technical help, we are more than willing to walk you through everything you need. The setup is quite simple.

** Option 2) Playback
You can also have the option to just use audio recorded services in MP3, and then upload them to our app, if that is easier for you. It is easier to get going with this method. You can always switch to live when you are ready. We have a simulated live feature where after uploading your MP3, you can schedule what time you want to call those who have select to be notified when you're live. Callers can press one when they call your number the first time to be added to the list of those called when you go live, or simulated live.

** The cost is $30 per month for unlimited usage.
The service is month to month, no contract length, no setup fee if your account is active by 4/15/2020($50 setup fee is waived). You will be asked to provide a credit card after your service has been setup that we will manage with bank level security at Stripe and be billed automatically each month. It is our goal to keep you as a customer, even after things settle down, however the pressure is on us to provide the value to you long term.

** Get a Toll-free number for $10 more per month
For $40/month total, get everything in the $30/month plan plus get a toll-free number so your saints do not have to pay for minutes to call and listen.

** How it works:
- We will purchase a brand-new phone number for only you to use.
- Anybody who calls that number with either get into a live stream or your latest playback audio.
- You will live stream audio to this phone number with a computer using a free SIP client with an audio input of your church service selected. Or send me the audio file you want played.
- You give this number out, on your website, social media, or cards for members and visitors to call in. Most churches have directories with contact information for the elderly also.
- Setup time is fairly fast. As demand for this service increases, there may be a day or two wait time, but we will try and get you running ASAP.

By filling out this form, we will contact you ASAP to make sure all your questions are answered, and if you desire, to sign you up for our service.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form below or reach me at (855) 670-0076 x1. Look forward to hearing from you.
My Story
My name is David Plappert, founder of Smart Talk. I've been doing church related IT for over 15 years. I watched as state after state limited gatherings, and all I could think of was the elderly who don't like computers or smart phones and have limited internet access. This was really going to disconnect them. So we built this system to address this problem. I personally attend River of Life in Henry, IL under Rev. Michael Morrison. If you need technical support or you have any questions, please reach me at (855) 670-0076 x 1.
Main Features
- Your own dedicated phone number

- Toll Free option (+$10/month)

- Auto Record - if you go live Sunday, and a saint calls in Monday, they can replay Sunday's stream

- Auto Notify - saints can press 1 after calling your dedicated number to automatically receive a call every time you go live!

- Handles up to 250 callers (if you need more we can customize a plan for you)
[video] How To Stream Live Using
[video] How to use playback or simulated live with
Comparison To Zoom
- gives you a unique direct dial phone number for only your church. Zoom provides you a shared phone number with a unique meeting code.

- provides an upgrade to a toll-free number for $10 per month extra. Zoom costs $100 per month extra for a toll-free number.

- automatically records your live stream.

- Phone Live plays back your most recent live stream if a caller calls back after you went live. We will automatically replace the playback every time you go live. Zoom only broadcasts live, and then gives you a recording to download.

- greets callers with your personalized name. Everything is your brand. Depending on your plan, you may have Zoom branding in your greeting.

- has notifications so that callers can elect to receive calls every time you go live that will put them right into the live stream when they answer. Zoom has calendar alerts for meetings.

- is not for meetings when you want many callers to talk, instead of just one.

- does not do video, chat or files, just simply audio. Zoom has a robust platform for interactive meetings.

- has a limit of 3 hours per live stream. You can live stream as many times per day as you want(such as for an AM & PM service), you just have to hang-up and re-start if you are going longer than 3 hours continuously. Paid Zoom accounts allow you to go live for up to 24 hours. Free Zoom accounts limits your meetings to 40 minutes.

- can host up to 250 callers. Zoom ranges from 100(Free) to 1,000($1,000/month) callers depending on plan.
Why a Google Form? Where is the compelling Website?
We are more focused on delivering an excellent product & superior customer service than on our marketing and website layout.
Bilingual Phone Live Streaming
With custom greetings, you can record a greeting in your language of choice for an end-to-end experience in that language. Now, more than just your message can be in any language.
[advanced] Use Audio From Video Live Stream for Phone Live Stream
On a Mac, you can install BlackHole( This allows you to play your live stream as an input that you can select in Zoiper. Just make sure to set Do Not Disturb on your mac. This allows you to bypass the need of having an input from your sound board. is sponsored by Smart Talk
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McLean Bible Church (VA), Generations Church (CO), Celebration Church(TX), The Summit Church (NC), Word of Life (NY), The Pentecostals of Cooper City (FL), The Pentecostals of Gainesville(FL), Atlanta West Pentecostal Church(GA) and many other churches across the United States and Canada.
[legal] By filling out this form you agree to the following
* no cancelation fee, no setup fee until 4/15/2020($50 setup fee is waived), subscriptions are month to month (no long-term commitment)
* We cannot offer refunds of any amount. Our contracts are month-to-month and we can stop the subscription from continuing to billing you. We remove your debit or credit card from our system when we remove your subscription.
* If you cancel your account and then wish to re enable it, you will be billed as if you were a new client; starting a new subscription with another charge to start the month.
* If you sign up with an area code number and switch to a toll-free number, there is a one-time $25 change fee because of the effort and cost associated with the upgrade. Please make sure you understand the difference between an area code number and a toll-free number. Toll free numbers should not bill those who call in for their minutes.
* To cancel your account, I need to receive a phone call in person to better understand why exactly you wish to cancel and to see if there is anything we can do to help.
* After you provide us your debit or credit card in the link from the sign-up emails, you will automatically be billed every month on the day you signed up.
* Once you sign-up, you will get a link to an invoice for your first month. You can pay this invoice with a debit or credit card. This invoice is due in full with-in 24 hours of signing-up.
Organization Name *
For your dedicated streaming number: which area code or do you want a toll-free(+$10/month)? *
We will do our best to get you a number in the area code you pick. Sometimes certain area codes are unavailable to us. Please make sure you understand the difference between an area code number and toll-free number. If you change your mind after signing up, there is a one-time $25 change fee.
Your Personal Name *
Your Cellphone Number (I can text) *
I need to be able to send a verification code to this phone number every time you want to update anything about your new account.
Your Personal eMail *
When you sign up, I will send you 2 emails. One will contain all the information about your new phone number, your connection information, and how to go live. The second will be from Stripe with a link to enter a debit or credit card.
Do you need a call back? *
If you do not need a call back, your account will be created with-in the next 2 hours automatically. You will know you are signed up when you get 2 emails from us. If you require a call back, we will call you as soon as we can, normally with-in a couple hours.
What questions do you have before you are setup?
If you need a call back, we will call the cellphone number listed above to answer any of your questions listed below.
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