High School Senior Questionnaire
I want you to be comfortable and I want this to be fun for you! This means that you will have to put a little effort and input into your session. You must go beyond just showing up in person. You'll need to plan your outfits, accessories, location and brainstorm unique ideas and poses that match your style and personality!

I'm so excited to meet you and take pictures of your face!

Peace & Love,

Updated by Mallory 03/10/2024

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Please tell me about some of your favorite activities! *
For instance, what sports or clubs do you participate in outside of school? What do you like to do with friends? Do you have any musical or artistic talents? Do you have a job? Do you have pets? Do you like to read or go for walks in nature?
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What are some fun and creative ideas you have for your senior session? *
Examples: bring your pets, friends, musical instruments, art supplies, or sports equipment; wear your prom dress, ballet slippers, or uniform...
Please let me know anything more about YOU! *
I love getting to know all my seniors before meeting them in person! It also helps me to brainstorm unique ideas for your individual session!
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