Personal History Questionnaire
As part of Opera Cultura's Zorro workshop presentation, this project particularly focuses on connections to Spanish and Mexican history, but all history exploration is welcome! We will be compiling any and all answers and will display them at the December performances. Plus, anyone who participates will be automatically entered to win a pair of tickets to the performance!
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Which best describes where you were born?
Which best describes where your mother was born?
Which best describes where your father was born?
Your paternal grandfather? (father's father)
Your paternal grandmother? (father's mother)
Your maternal grandfather? (mother's father)
Your maternal grandmother? (mother's mother)
What is your current residence?
How long have you lived in that area?
How connected do you feel to your personal/family history? (1 is not connected at all, 5 is very connected)
Not connected at all - I feel independent from my personal/family history.
Very connected - it is essential to who I am
When you hear the words "your history," what is the first thing that comes to mind?
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Please share 1 or more stories, facts, information or other insight from your personal/family history.
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