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Thank you for your interest in teaching at the MCCLA!

MCCLA is committed to offering local artists & artisans the opportunity to teach classes at the Center in various artistic disciplines. Currently, MCCLA offers approximately 40 classes for all ages in dance, music, arts & crafts, theater & visual arts, among others.

Priority is given to classes that further MCCLA’s mission to promote, preserve and develop the Latino Arts, and to make arts accessible to the community it serves. For this reason, instructors are required to be bilingual (English/Spanish). A complete application must be submitted by the required dead line.

Instructors must teach at least one of two semesters during the year. The 2 semesters go from January to June and from July to December. Applications are accepted twice a year: in May (for the Jan-Jun semester), and in November (for the Jul-Dec semester). Once application is approved, MCCLA and the instructor (independent contractor) enter into a teaching agreement. Instructor obtains 60% of the total of tickets sold to their class. Payments are made every two weeks.

If instructor begins in January, he/she has the option, at MCCLA’s discretion, to continue teaching until December of the same year in November. However, all MCCLA instructors must submit a new application.

Instructors are responsible for promoting their classes, attending all scheduled classes punctually, having a qualified substitute to teach in their absence, and keeping a minimum of 8-10 students per class throughout the semester, MCCLA is not responsible for recruiting students. Instructors must make sure to collect all tickets from students, total amount of tickets will be the amount you will be paid for, not for the total tickets sold, all assistants and guest must sign in. Consideration is given to all of the above upon contract renewal.

1. Once application is approved, instructor must submit a quality photo and brief bios (1 paragraph) and a class description, for inclusion in MCCLA’s website.
2. Instructors are responsible to promote their class via flyers, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Instructors are also encouraged to have a website and Facebook.
3. Class evaluations are conducted the end of the December semester by class participants.
4. Instructors are also expected to participate in MCCLA’s End of Semester recitals & exhibit at leastonce a year (2nd Saturday in June & December).
5. Teacher will determine the fee in compliance with the administration. MCCLA offers discounted coupons fee to keep classes affordable.
6. MCCLA reserves the right to photography/videotape classes for promotional and documentation purposes.
7. For more information, please contact MCCLA’s office (415) 821-1155 or the box office (643-2785).

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