2020 Joan Gendreau & Brendan Acosta Scholarship Application
Our vision is to foster the intellectual growth of our children so they may come to achieve a self-sustaining, moral and ethical future. Through this program, the collective goal is to aid in the development of individuals whose contribution will help shape and leave a lasting impact on the community in which they reside.

Scholarships are for Court Dependent students (open or closed cases) graduating from high school or GED equivalent, who are applying to or attending at least one of the following: Vocational/Trade School, Community College, 4 year College and/or applying to the Military. Former scholarship recipients continuing their education will also remain eligible if a 2.5 GPA requirement is met.

Scholarship deadline is May 1, 2020. Applications are reviewed and awarded in June. Awards range from basic assistance for school materials to partial or full tuition coverage. The number of scholarship awards and amounts awarded will be based on available funding within the program. If selected to receive an award, the amount will be no less than $300 and has the potential to fund an individuals entire amount of tuition the 2020-2021 academic year.

If you need additional information about our Scholarship programs, please contact Fostering the Future via email fosteringthefuture.net@gmail.com, or call 805-469-8783.

*(Application does not allow for saving work before completion. Must answer all questions beginning to end before submitting. May view .pdf version to prepare answers in advance.)
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